The Starfleet Project
The Starfleet Project has been created to support the Windows version of Begin, A Tactical Starship Simulation. This project is the direct result of Ben Hallert, a long time Begin fan, starting the BeginStarshipCombat Yahoo group which I happen to stumble upon in February 2005. The group showed me there was still interest in Begin and so I decided to create a Windows version of the program.  - Tom Nelson, March 2009

Now available for downloading... Begin 3.0.1, A Tactical Starship Simulation, for Windows!

This is a quick and very rough port to Windows of Begin 2.0, from MS-DOS. The final source for 2.0 was lost so this version is missing a few of the commands that were available in 2.0, but it is mostly all there. A few new features have been added too. Sample screen shot

The documentation is now available online at
Unfortunately the original complete wiki database was damaged. The task of recreating it as begun. (31 March 2018)

If you have questions or wish to report a bug, please post it on our Facebook page.
This will most likely get you a faster response than email, and it allows other players to participate in the discusssion.

Note: I request that you do not post Begin or the manual on other web sites. Instead, just post a link back to this web site. This helps me keep track of how much interest there is in the game. Thanks!

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Page updated 31 Mar 2018